Get It Girl Friday

  • Date: Friday October 27, 2023 (Monthly)
  • Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
  • Cost: FREE


Loving Who You R

OOOOOOO.. I Love Me Some Me.. In this workshop, the main focus is on empowering the girls to Love who they are. Each of the fun and interactive activities will be geared towards Self Love, positive affirmations and seeing who great they truly are.


Celebration Our Differences

Lights, Camera, Action… Social Media, the number one reason for low Self Esteem. This workshop will touch on the negative effects that Social Media has on our precious girls and take a look at the importance of celebrating our individuality and not falling into the cookie cutter mold of what a girl should be.


Leading with Confidence:

I’m Becoming Confident with the Skin I’m in. The girls will have the opportunity to learn and use communication and leadership skills with their own television broadcast, showcasing their new found confidence. Watch out future.


Mental Health

YOU are important. Covid 19 has been a hard time for our girls. The lack of social interaction has had many girls feeling stressed and unable to connect with their friend cohort. In this workshop, the girls will learn how to deal with emotions and ways to express them safely.


What’s Your Vision?

What do YOU see? The girls will get the opportunity to create vision boards and begin to map out a future plan for who THEY want to become. In the workshop, dreams and visions are allowed, no matter how they may seem to the outside eye.



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